Taiwan Biodanza Workshop

Hsinchu Neiwan

 “Life, Love and Laughter – A Journey of Natural Healing”:  March 20-25, 2018
For details contact:
Yue Min (洪月敏)
Rainbow Mountain Village 彩虹山嶺-靜淨境教室 ,  (how to get there?)
Mobile:0922283229 (Yue Min)
Email: ya.smriti@gmail.com


Kaohsiung City

 “The Alchemy of the Four Elements”:  March 26-29, 2018

 “5 Lines of Vivencia – Our Living Potential”:  April 7-8, 2018
For details contact:
Oma 許惠惠
Mobile:0988 356666 Oma)
Line-ID: 0988 356666
Email: hsuhuihui626@gmail.com