Biodanza Holiday on Corfu

“Zorba, the Singing and Dancing Buddha”

With Naveen Li und Sabina Elsa Astolfi

29 June to 6 July 2024

Zorba, the Singing and Dancing Buddha
invites you to experience the magic of your voice through singing, heart songs and mantras and to immerse yourself in the therapeutic depths of Biodanza.

Zorba, the passionate lover of life and
Buddha, as a guide to yourself.

All this is amidst the beautiful nature of Corfu, a place of power, animated by the spirit of ancient olive trees and the sparkling blue sea.

We embark on a deeply effective journey through the chakras during these six days. With the power of our voice and the joy of movement and dance, we will rediscover the many facets of the wonderful adventure we call life.

Unleash the magic of your voice

Sabina will guide you to honour your voice and develop it with love. Through holistic singing exercises, you will discover the hidden potential of your voice and experience a deep connection to your divine core through the mantras. This awakens a boundless joy in your heart.

In the inspiring atmosphere of the group, you will learn to express your unique voice. We dive deep into the world of mantras and heart songs and discover the beauty and diversity of our expression. The ancient sounds of mantras expand our consciousness, which holds magical powers.

Singing activates the vagus nerve and your self-healing powers. It balances the fifth chakra, giving you new freedom and the courage to express your deepest feelings, thoughts, and your truth.

Celebrate your Dance of Life

With Naveen, you will dive into music, movements, dances, and gestures through Biodanza, liberating your body and mind to ecstasy.
In this unique retreat, we will awaken our life-affirming emotions and energies:

joy – vitality
pleasure – sexuality
strength – identity
love – affection
freedom – creativity
silence – intuition
oneness – transcendence

Join us to experience the vitalising effect of Biodanza, which relieves psychosomatic complaints, boosts your immune system and your ability to love. Strengthen your resistance to stress through dance and feel creative freedom.

This journey will lead you to a genuine connection with yourself and others, bringing a deep sense of fulfillment to your life!

Course times:
Zorba the Buddha starts on Sunday with a delicious breakfast and ends the following Friday evening with a dinner at a location with breathtaking sea views and spectacular sunsets.

We will have 6 morning sessions from 10 am to approximately 1:30 pm and 2 to 3 evening sessions after dinner. Arrival and departure are on Saturday.

Free time and inspiration:
The afternoon is free, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the idyllic surroundings. Experience relaxation with various engaging activities – take a refreshing dip in the sea, write that Long-planned book, indulge in a good read, or stimulate your mind with deep conversations. The possibilities are endless!

Service & Price:
Price from EUR 1390 per person in a double room. For single room surcharge. See the registration form.

The price includes the seminar fees, accommodation in a double room (or the room you choose), half board and transfer from the airport. The flight costs and the final dinner at a sunset-view restaurant are not included.

For special offers for locals from Arillas, please contact us via e-mail: oder

Location: Arillas, Corfu, Greece

Where we dance: Ouranos Club


Please fill in the PDF Booking Form and send it by e-mail to Inside Travel (General terms and conditions):

Facilitators: Naveen Li und Sabina Elsa Astolfi. More information about Sabina and her work: