Biodanza & Holiday on Corfu

“Dancing between Heaven & Earth”

2 – 6 September 2018



Each morning we will dance in the open air magical olive groves with the warm sea breezes blowing through our hair, and at night, we will dance on the beach, in the water, or share in a circle under a canopy of stars, connected to the very heartbeat of Mother Nature, in all her glory. This is a precious time in which we nourish ourselves through loving encounters, shared communally with all dance lovers.

Arillas – a panoramic beach before a sea of crystal clear water, small hikes to the nearby villages, heart-warming locals and travellers alike, and hundreds of breath-taking sunsets have always astounded many. This is a place of igniting the consciousness, love and creativity in us. We can immerse ourselves in the shimmering sea and the exquisite atmosphere of this unique place. So come and join us for a vacation of joy, dance, pleasure, sensuality, abundance and deep rejuvenation!

Group starts: 10:30 Sunday, September 2, 2018
Group ends:
around 13:00 Thursday, September 6,  2018
(Timings subject to change)

The time between the two sessions in the morning and in the evening is free.

Place:  Arillas,  in Corfu Greece (click on them to see more information)

Venue:  Gayatri Mandir (click on it to see more information)

Price:  250 EUR until February 28, 2018 (earlybird price), thereafter 290 EUR (plus individual costs of travel, accommodation and food).

Please arrange your own travel and accomodation. As it is the peak holiday season, early reservation is advised: Getting to Corfu island and Accomodation

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More information please contact:

Facilitators: Martina Kaiser (Germany) and Naveen Li (Taiwan/Germany)

Martina and Naveen